Craig and his crew

Posted on June 15, 2014

Honestly the park was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had! Our tour guide was called Jessie and he was wonderful he seemed very knowledgeable about everything and he was very nice. We loved our visit, the personalised way we were taken round, and the lady knew so much and could answer all the questions; it was awesome. I have already recommended to friends, we told them about the personal tours and how the lady taking us around could answer all your questions and how the animals were so friendly.

Maunu Educare Limited, Whangarei, would like to thank you all for a most enjoyable visit to Kingdom of Zion recently. The tour was good value as we were not rushed and the tour guide was very knowledgeable, which made it interesting. He also answered a lot of the children’s questions. We would welcome the chance to come again and would recommend it to friends and family. The quiz at the end of the tour was a great idea thank you once again for a great day. Hurupaki Eduare’s visit was excellent, it was way better than I pictured, Jesse – the tour guide was very good and gave detailed information in a fun but clear way.

We loved our visit to Kingdom Of Zion it was fantastic.We were even lucky enough to meet Craig Busch himself, and what a lovely guy he is, ready to answer questions and have a good old chat and a laugh with our visiting group. It was lovely to see how Zion responds to Craig, he never reacted to our group but when Craig appeared and Zion heard his voice he turned so he could see him and then watched Craig and where he went. Hearing the the tigers and lions roar was nothing like we’d heard at a zoo, it was so much more wild and real, they were really talking to one another, Aslan looked great when he roared a real treat to experience. Our guide was brilliant; he did a great job informing us of the rules of the park and the cats. He answered every one’s questions and was great with the kids.